"Certainly all historical experience confirms the truth - that man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible"
(Politic as a profession, Max Weber)

A united Europe is one of the most extraordinary human experiments ever conducted. Nevertheless populism, nationalism and political apathy undermine its very existence. They are the effect of an increasing gap between the establishment and the people who inspire its vision.

Committed to promote a genuine return to the cultural substance of matters as the ideal key to break the deadlock and the selfishness that undermine the EU path and its potential towards the major global challenges, we operate in the framework of the European Strategy for international cultural relations in order to build a true ‘cultural infrastructure’ that can support an ‘alternative’ reconstruction and the substantial relaunch of the European project both internally and on the global scene.

We act as a laboratory for ideas and as a network in which to build solutions and recommendations in the framework of the European Strategy.






24 mar 2017 – Rome

Debate: Can culture save Europe?